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Transportation Update

BCHF Staff and Students

Per ORC 3327.016, your community school must establish START and END times for the 22-23SY no later than April 1, 2022. To ensure your eligible students receive transportation services from their school district, you must notify that school district with your school’s start and end times. The school district must use these start and end times to develop a transportation plan with routes and schedules within sixty days (by June 1, 2022) after receiving the information and provide the plan back to your school.


  • Reach out to all districts you expect to receive transportation services to ask how they are collecting start/end times.
  • Establish start/end times by April 1.
  • Notify districts by April 1 per their collection process.
  • Receive transportation plans(s) by June 1.

Interested in learning how to provide your own transportation? Please reach out to Jason Moore

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