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In providing support to our schools, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation offers specific trainings within Public School Works for governing board members and school leaders. But did you know that Public School Works also offers many beneficial features for use at the school building level which can help streamline everything from student behavior management to staff training?

Student Behavior Management – Streamline your behavior management program and improve Communication between schools and families.

StudentWatch is a comprehensive program that provides tools for fully addressing and managing student health, safety, injury, and behavioral issues. Implementing the online Behavior Management System in StudentWatch puts an end to piles of paper and helps administrators quickly identify issues and protect victims. This system reduces the amount of time an administrator takes to process a referral, supports data-based interventions, and automates communication through emails and custom letters. Features include Student Accident Management, Student Bullying Reporting, Student Behavior Management, and more, allowing for improved communication between schools and families.

Online Staff Training – Automate your staff training and comply with complicated state and federal training mandates.

The Staff Training System, part of the award-winning EmployeeSafe Suite, eliminates the “knot in the stomach” administrators often feel as to whether they are in compliance with regulatory requirements. The Staff Training System includes 500+ online courses addressing workplace safety, student safety, human resources, state and federal specific issues, and other safety topics. Additionally, a school may add custom-made trainings for school-specific trainings (i.e., employee handbook).

For more details on how Public School Works can assist with better managing your school building, contact Account Executive Ben Brooks.

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