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Literacy in the Workplace

Literacy in the Workplace

Summit Academy Transition High School Columbus and Summit Academy Transition High School Dayton partnered with sponsor Buckeye Community Hope Foundation for the Workforce Literacy Project. The project combines literacy instruction and career preparation.

As part of the project, a panel discussion, “Literacy in the Workplace,” was held at Columbus Transition High School on November 17 for 9th- to 12th-grade students along with school teachers and staff members.

Moderated by Behavior Specialist Rebecca St. Clair, the panel emphasized to students the importance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening as they apply to any job.

“The panelists did a great job of engaging the students and keeping the discussion focused and interesting,” said Dew,

Panelists included Charlie Slutz, SAM Technology Integration Coach and Jordan Payne, Director of Sprouting Minds, a trauma-informed gardening program.

Workforce Literacy is a specialized pedagogy that integrates instruction workforce readiness or career-specific vocabulary with Ohio’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts.

“A strong program of workforce literacy complements career technical education and industry credentialing as we prepare our secondary students for success beyond high school,” said Dew.

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