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Detroit Pistons Visit Imagine Environmental Science Academy

Detroit Pistons Visit Imagine Environmental Science Academy

The Detroit Pistons have partnered with Imagine Environmental Science Academy on Cash for Class, a program where tickets for a game are blocked out specifically for the school community to purchase.

To promote the program, the Pistons mascot came down to visit the school alongside a school coach. They led a staff versus students basketball shoot, dance off with the mascot, and the coach talked to students about the importance of school.

“The coach told students that to be an NBA player, it’s more than just being good at basketball,” said Victoria Fuller, IESA Academic Coach. “It’s about going to school, getting good grades, being a good person. and having good character.”

Victoria Fuller organized the event via her brother who works for the team. This is the first year the school has participated in this program, and is also the first time the Pistons have come down to a Toledo-area school.

As a part of the assembly, the school coach told students about other opportunities within the NBA. There are careers in sales, merchandising, and leadership. He shared with students that he always dreamed of being an NBA player, but was ultimately led down a different path. The Pistons reached out to him, wanting him to travel to schools to talk to students about working for the NBA.

“The students loved it,” said Fuller. “They were so engaged, and it helped them to hear that there is more opportunity within the NBA than just playing basketball. Over 400 people work for the Pistons, and only 15 of them are basketball players.”

IESA spent the month of February selling tickets, and they are looking forward to attending the game at the end of March.

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