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BCHF Writing Challenge Winner Hosts Blood Drive

Storeigh Conway, a 7th grade student at Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy organized a blood drive at her school earlier this month. The blood drive was planned after Storeigh wrote an essay for the annual BCHF Writing Challenge. The topic of last year’s challenge was: ‘What is kindness? What can you do, as one person, to help spread kindness in your community and in your world?”

As a part of the challenge, she and the other 6th grade students were asked to create a “day of service” for the school. Students were asked to find an issue that exists in their community, school, and/or neighborhood.

Storeigh won the challenge for her then 6th grade class. Her day of service was presented to executive principal, Kate Rybak, who was adamant that the school see Storeigh’s plan through. Mrs. Rybak, Mrs. Zelek, and Storeigh partnered with Vitalant Blood Donation to host the blood drive. 

The day was a success, and Storeigh was even featured in the local news. All of us in the Education Division are incredibly proud of Storeigh’s hard work and commitment to her community event. Congratulations, Storeigh, on being proof that one person can spread kindness and make a difference in their community! 

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