BCHF Visits Concept Schools - Buckeye Community Hope Foundation

BCHF Visits Concept Schools

Concept Visit

On May 1, 2024, Jennifer Schorr, VP of Education, Jason Moore Sr. Director of Education, and Joe Calinger, Regional Compliance Representative for Buckeye Community Hope Foundation had the privilege to visit Concept Schools headquarters in Chicago.

Meeting with Sedat Duman, President/CEO, Ali Uslu, Vice President, and Chris Murphy, Chief of Strategic Growth and Communications Officer for Concept Schools strengthened our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and mutual understanding between Buckeye Community Hope Foundation and Concept Schools. BCHF had the opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the operations, philosophies, and strategies driving the management company’s approach to education. Our visit marked the significance of the evolving landscape of education, governance, and accountability. It represents our combined proactive efforts to strengthen relationships, foster dialogue, and promote shared goals and values.

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